Lumitone is a bespoke, audio-responsive lighting system that I have designed and installed across various locations, each uniquely customized to complement the architectural and design aesthetics of the space. Driven by my custom signal processing software and hardware, Lumitone creates an immersive atmosphere that pulses and glows in harmony with the music. This unique software foundation allows for a distinct visual experience that stands apart from typical sound-reactive LED systems. Unlike systems that rely on rapid, flashing effects, Lumitone emphasizes a subtle, rhythmic modulation of light, enhancing spaces without overwhelming them.
Lumitone is inspired by the concept of synesthesia, aiming to create a unique audio-visual experience where the lights not only reflect but also enhance how the music sounds. This guiding principle has shaped the development of Lumitone, creating an immersive experience where light and sound synchronize perfectly, enriching our perception of space and music.
The system evolved from initial concepts to a refined product through numerous iterations. Beginning with the straightforward task of syncing lights to music, achieving a visual representation that genuinely captures the feel of the music was the real challenge. The goal extended beyond simple beat detection to a comprehensive visual expression of the music's spectrum.
At the core of Lumitone’s functionality are Fast Fourier Transforms (FFTs), a mathematical method that decomposes audio signals into their component frequencies. Building upon this, I integrated adaptive layers, enhancing the system's ability to handle and visually interpret a diverse range of music. These adaptations allow for seamless adjustments to changes in tempo and volume, ensuring that Lumitone delivers visualizations as dynamic and intricate as the music itself.

My extensive experience with LED technology, spanning over a decade, has honed my ability to install these systems in a way that complements and enhances each specific environment. I bring a deep understanding of various LED types, diffusion techniques, and the critical aspects of power and signal integrity necessary for large-scale installations. This expertise ensures that each Lumitone system is not only visually stunning but also robust and reliable, tailored to maintain consistent performance across the intricacies of any given space. My meticulous approach guarantees that the integration of each system respects and accentuates the existing architectural and design elements of the venue.
In addition to the core system, I have developed an app that employs language models to enable users to interactively define and customize their own color schemes. This app allows sophisticated yet accessible control over the Lumitone system, where one can simply say, "make me a Caribbean sunset," and instantly generate a dynamic color scheme with vivid yellows, oranges, and deep tranquil blues. Furthermore, the system integrates seamlessly with home automation technologies such as HomeKit, offering users the flexibility to adjust lighting settings conveniently from their devices. This integration and interactive capability underscore my commitment to delivering a sophisticated, user-centered lighting experience.

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